Dark Chocolate 70% filled with tangerine jelly, green tea ganache and coconut praline


3 stages of deliciousness: a very fruity, homemade tangerine jelly on a green matcha layer created with a mix of white soy couverture and green tea. Topped by a coconut praline, crispily enhanced with some caramelized coconut flakes. Excitingly different and not too sweet, with a dark chocolate coat boasting a 70% cacao content. Entirely vegan.


Chocolate, like red wine, must be at room temperature to develop a full aroma. In order to taste the entire flavor spectrum of our hand-scooped chocolates, we dark chocolate at 77 °F, milk chocolate at 72 °F and suggest that you delight in white chocolate 68 °F.

Tangerine, Matcha & Coconut Bar

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