We love Sugar Baby for her sweet, juicy abundance of eight- to ten-pound perfectly round, deep green melons with rich red fruit. 25 seeds.

Sweet abundant watermelon regionally adapted for our short growing season. 25 seeds.


Direct Sow: Sow 1–2 weeks after last frost when soil is above 70°F, 3 seeds every 3-4′, 1″ deep. Thin to 1 plant/group. Protect from Cucumber Beetles & increase heat with floating row cover until flowering. Ample water during pollination & fruit set essential. Fruit may be ripe when rind on ground is yellow or closest vine tendril is brown/dead.


Sowing Date: After frost, late May to early June
Seed Depth: 1 inch
Days to Germination: 4-7
Days to Maturity: 80-85 days to fruit
Plant spacing after thinning: 3-4 inches
Height: full 5′ + vine


From Fruition Seeds in Naples NY

Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon Seed