HEIRLOOM Organic Laxton’s Progress #9 Dwarf Shelling Pea is exceedingly abundant in gardens as well as containers, growing only 15 to 20-inches tall yet covered in luscious 4 to 5-inch peas often bursting with 9 peas per pod, as her name celebrates. Ours is a selection with high resistance to Fusarium Wilt, making each compact plant that much more easy to manage and prolific. 50 seeds


We plant dwarf & full-size peas on the same day and here is why: first we enjoy our dwarf peas several weeks ahead of the full-size shell peas and just as the dwarves are tapering off the full-size peas come into their own, offering 6+ weeks of glorious pea abundance. Early maturity also makes Laxton’s Progress an ideal fall pea: sow in late July or early August for a harvest at the end of September of pods, sweet as can be. Pods that develop in the cool temperatures of fall convert most of their starches into sugars, making them sweeter than any summer pea!


Direct Sow Only: As soon as soil may be worked, sow 1-1.5″ apart, 1″ deep & do not thin. Dwarf peas ideal for 2 gallon containers & (optional) trellis is helpful. Fall plantings are best with dwarves (rather than full-size varieties) sown early/mid-August. Pick frequently to increase harvest.


Sowing Date: Early spring & late summer
Seed Depth: 1 inch
Days to Germination: 9-15 days
Days to Maturity: 95 days
Plant spacing after thinning: 1-1.5″
Height: 15-20 inches


Seeds from Fruition Seeds in Naples NY

Organic Laxton’s Progress #9 Dwarf Shelling Pea