Gorgeous dark blue-green leaves, deeply savoyed and full of flavor. Though not as cold hardy as our other kales, the flavor and tenderness of Organic Lacinato | Dinosaur Kale is exceptional in the summer when most kale remains more tough.

100 Seeds from Fruition Seeds in Naples NY


Transplant: Indoors, sow 2 seeds/cell & thin to 1. Harden off & transplant around last frost 12″ apart.

Direct Sow: Early spring, sow 3-4 seeds every 12”, 1/8th” deep in rows 18” apart for full-size plants & thin to 1.

For baby leaves, sow 40 seeds/foot in a 2” wide band every 3 weeks for continual harvest.


Sowing Date: As soon as soil can be worked
Seed Depth: 1/8 inch
Days to Germination: 3-8
Days to Maturity: 8 days microgreen, 25 baby leaf and 50 days to full
Plant spacing after thinning: 12 inches



Organic Lacinato | Dinosaur Kale Seeds