Our go-to mesclun mix, easy to grow and abundant all season! You’ll enjoy fabulous salad less than three weeks after sowing. The diversity of colors, textures and mild, succulent flavors is a feast for the senses and she quickly re-grows for several cuttings throughout the season. We prefer to enjoy Mesclun as baby leaves for salads but we always enjoy the larger, more robustly flavored leaves with eggs for breakfast or sautéed with garlic and sesame. 400 Seeds


Direct Sow Only: Early Spring, sow ~40 seeds per foot in a 2-4 foot band, 1/8″ deep. Gently firm the soil for full soil-seed contact; keep moisture even. Harvest ~3 weeks later by clipping with scissors; most plants in mix will re-grow. Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous supply of tender baby greens up to 1 month before last frost.

Sowing Date: As soon as soil can be worked
Seed Depth: 1/8 inch
Days to Germination: 4-7
Days to Maturity: 8 days to microgreen, 21 days to baby and 40 days to braising.
Plant spacing after thinning: 2-5 plants per inch




Organic Deluxe Mesclun Mix Seeds