Some heirlooms came about as novelties. Perhaps created from an accidental cross or a freak mutation or picked up by adventurous traveling seed savers, some of the most unusual heirlooms were saved because of their freak factor. This cuke looks like a lemon but tastes like a cucumber; a really good one! Though common in India, it is not often seen in American supermarkets. So: best to grow some yourself. Invite a little oddity into your garden and enjoy the tasty and bountiful results.


This unusual cucumber dates back to Samuel Wilson's (Mechanicsville, PA) catalog in 1894. It is consistently productive and mild, and looks beautiful sliced into rounds.


  • Direct sow 2 weeks after last frost, or sow indoors 2-4 weeks earlier and then transplant.
  • Succession sow at least twice to have high-quality fruit for harvest all season.
  • Lemon Cukes are best harvested when lemon-sized, though they stay good eating even when slightly larger.
  • The more you harvest, the more the plant produces and the longer the period of yield for each plant.

Lemon Cucumber Certified Organic Seed