We love the Fresno Chili for its sweet and fruity profile and medium high heat. The fresno chili was originally crossbred in the 1950's by a farmer named Clarence “Brownie” Hamlin, he named the pepper after his beloved county. It has a shape, color, and heat similar to that of a red jalapeno but the flavor has a real citrus and sweet profile.


Our salt fermented Fermented Fresno Hot Sauce is bright and sunny with a funky sweet flavor. Who wouldn’t love a hot sauce with no added sugar and just four ingredients! The Fermented Fresno Hot Sauce is fantastic with eggs, meats, sausages, and mixed with mayo for a dip.


Ingredients: fresno chili peppers, white balsamic vinegar, garlic, sea salt

Hot Mama Fermented Fresno Chili Hot Sauce

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