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Harvest attractive bouquets from early summer straight through fall. Here's how to fill your home with flowers:


1.) Choose flowers that have recently opened or are about to open.

2.) Cut the flowers with sharp shears, including long stems.

3.) Snip off any leaves or sideshoots from the stems.

4.) Arrange the zinnias, cosmos, and bishop's flowers in your hand with tall flowers in the middle.

5.) Cut the bouquet to the shortest stem length.

6.) Add the smaller snapdragons.


Contains 250 seeds. Mix consists of dahlia zinnias, sea shell cosmos, bishop's lace, linaria, and snapdragons.


  • Start indoors 6 weeks before frost.
  • Sow seeds in individual pots, 1-2 per cell. As the sprouts put on their first true leaves, you will be able to distinguish them from each other.
  • Transplant outdoors in full sun or partial shade.
  • Make sure to plant a diversity so that your bouquets will be well-balanced.
  • Grow in single rows to keep taller varieties from shading out lower-growing ones.

Endless Blooms Cut Flower Mix | Seeds

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