A Customer Favorite made in the Finger Lakes


Finally a great Bar-B-Q sauce that is not produced in the South. This sauce is thick, smoky, and sweet with a kicky Chipotle finish. Memorable with ribs.


Chef Lerman’s Pulled Pork

8 lb pork shoulder (bone in pork butt)
Spice rub (salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic, paprika, cumin etc to your taste)
2 cups beer or New York State apple cider
2 bottles Chef Lerman’s Black-Strap Yankee Bar-B-Q Sauce

Dry pork and rub with spice mixture. Sear on char grill or in a heavy cast iron pan on stove 10 mins per side. Place in slow cooker, add beer or cider, and cook 1 hour on high and then 12 hours on medium setting. Remove bone and all but 2 cups of cooking liquid. “Pull” pork to shred all. Add 2 bottles of Chef Lerman’s Black-Strap Yankee Bar-B-Q sauce. Stir thoroughly. Serves 12-15. May be portioned and frozen for later use.

Black-Strap Yankee Bar-B-Q Sauce with Chipotle Peppers

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